anyway i’m going to bed because one could interpret my homework as being done (by which i mean, it is not done, but i have a plan to finish it tomorrow) and i have to get up early tomorrow and i feel good about myself when i go to bed at ten. that’s a good time to go to bed. a noble time, even. 

i’m still on the email list for one of the alpaca ranches we visited last year, and it’s torture, like, of course i want to come see your alpacas, i just can’t

not a day goes by that i don’t resent the fact that there’s no command-z function in real life

(i just cut a small hole in my leggings because i accidentally braced my scissors against my leg while cutting flash cards, and i swear i can be smarter than that, and i think i deserve a second chance, but nO)



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mynameiswells replied to your post:so my cs class is a little funky (idk how common…

he spells out “three” because he’s secretly me

when the fuck did you get a phd in computer science, you sly dog


My anaconda will consider it

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Today, Ferguson is prepared to “keep it moving.”

September 28th

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so my cs class is a little funky (idk how common this is tbh) and in lieu of reading assignments, we have to watch these videos, which are recordings of powerpoints voiced-over by various professors in the department. and it’s funny because occasionally in the videos they’ll escape out of the powerpoint window, usually to open the IDE to demonstrate whatever they’re talking about

and idk, maybe i’m nosy, but i always have that curiosity to look into, like, people’s houses and shit, so when they close the powerpoint i like to look at their desktop and see, y’know, what their background is, and what’s on their dock, and what files they have.

my teacher for this class has a folder called “Three D Printing” and i think that’s great, i really want to ask him what he does with 3D printing, if he gets his stuff printed at the 3D Print Shop, or maybe he has his own printer, or maybe someone else (someone in the department?) has one that he uses? and does he just do it for fun? or is it, like, serious shit? does he do research involving it? is it totally utilitarian, does he just use it to make stuff he needs for other purposes? honestly i don’t think you should have a folder called “Three D Printing” (why spell out the word three???) just out and about where anyone can see it and start wondering about it


arthurthecount asked: frog prince, pinocchio, godfather death

The Frog Prince:What do you find disgusting?

mold. euggggh.

Pinocchio:What is your greatest wish?

i dunno, i want a lot of things but most of them i figure are attainable enough to not be wished for. i guess i wish i were really smart and good at a lot of things. or, like, the end to global poverty.

Godfather Death:What qualities do you think make a good parent?

i think you have to like kids, first of all. i mean, i dunno, that just seems like a good place to start because your kid is gonna be a kid for a really long time and you have to be ready to deal with that without being a dick about it. i think you should be patient, and have a strong sense of justice, and fairness. i think you have to be very self-sacrificing (probably the number one reason i never want to be a parent) and understanding, open to compromise, and willing to listen to people. you should be secure in your beliefs i guess, but it’s also important that you be open to changing them, and honestly i’m not really sure how to reconcile those two things. but if you had to pick one over the other, i would say open-mindedness is probably more important in a parent. i dunno.

i think parenting is a dangerous game of “learn by non-example” because i think everyone tries to raise their kids the opposite way of how their parents raised them, which almost inevitably results in very mediocre parenting. so i guess, you have to be self-aware, because you have to know if you’re doing that or not.

idk, i have a lot of thoughts and feelings on parenting and one of my biggest ones is that waaaaay more people end up as parents than are cut out to be parents. but i’ve got a pretty negative mindset about parenting on the whole, so don’t mind me.

thanks for the ask emmo <3


I have reblogged this at least a thousand times


I have reblogged this at least a thousand times

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